Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ek naya taraana

A few days back, I composed for the first time a tarana, by Faiz. Over the past weekend I sang it with Mishraji, and today rehearsed with Chandan. It is one of those progressive taranas written in the revolutionary genre and the lyrics are very powerful. I really hope someday I would be able to record all the Faiz compositions I have in my repertoire-

This is the tarana

Darbar-e-watan mein jab ek din, sab jaane wale jaayein

دربارے وطنکچھ اپنی  میں جب ایک دن سسب جانے والے جآ یئ گے  
سزا کو پہونچن گے ، کچھ اپنی جزا لے جاییں گے 

Kuchh apni saza ko pahuncheinge, kuchh apni jazaa le jaayeinge

I am not sure if this is looking like any particular raga. I thought I started with basant mukhari, but then a shudh nishad came into the picture. So now it has two nishads, two rikhabs and dhaivata komal and an occasional other note komal. Some version of Bhairavi I reckon.

But the melody is very powerful and I am very happy for all the new compositions that I am working on; which are two ghazals of Ahmad Faraz saab, four of Naseem bhai and this one of Faiz. Oh yes! I have even dug out the abandoned stock of Faiz and starting elaboration on those -making the Faiz lot about 9-10 compositions. Not bad I think. Almost a concert length and certainly longer than an album size.

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