Saturday, April 13, 2013

The recording finally got over

I recorded the dummy of the Faiz album on 7th March 2013 and it took over a month to do the final cut of it. Yesterday- 12th April, I managed to do the final recording at last. My throat is still not recovered from the cough. IT was particularly bad yesterday- the voice quality and tone were very pathetic. And yet these were my best ghazals- i was in utter agony yesterday and I realized how important it is to be in good form all the time.

Sometimes I even think it is a miracle that I sing to record and perform. Most of these songs were the outcome of my illness and suffering. Did i ever compose a single song in a state of happiness? When I look at any single poem, I may not remember the exact situations of my mind or my environment- but the lyrics remind me the anguish i must have been in. Did I ever think then that I would be singing this to others? Possibly yes, probably no. I was just trying to express my own pain- often without understanding the meanings of the ghazals. Oh yes, but there were things like 'darbar'-e-watan' that was sheer defiance and anger, as though hitting at the injustice of the powers that be.

As I write this blogpost my final cut is playing on the computer and i can hear my voice- sounding feeble and unsure. I have sung these songs in such a powerful voice in the past- that i am saddened to hear my own self. ON the other hand the musical tapestry woven by Arun is so beautiful and appealing, it seems to be hiding my flaw. Yesterday while in the studio, Rajkumar also said that his favourite was 'tere gham to jaan ki talash thi' and Arun had already revealed that. Tony's favourite turned out to be 'Tum aaye ho na shab-e-intezaar guzri hai'....and funnily my own favourite is sham-firaq. On the whole the album is sounding very decent.

Now is the stage for the cover design to be put in place, which is being worked upon. Simultaneously the mixing will be done, and then the master gets ready, thereafter the stamper and then duplication. For the first time in my life I have decided to sell my own music- personally. Nobody will get samples- they can hear my riyaaz for free if they want or come to the concerts.

I cannot help but quote Ramakant-ji here when I told him that I would give him a free copy anyways, out of my courtesy and regard for him. He said the kindest thing i have heard in a long time. He said, "Prateeksha you have already done the most for me by creating such music and making this great poetry accessible. Now you do not need to give it away for free." Then he asked me how much the CD would be priced at and told me to give him ten of them so that he could even present them to others- instead of a book, as he often does. I am so grateful for his kindness, who even without hearing my CD (barring the Hum Dekheinge song) is so supportive. But hasn't he always been for the last almost two and a half years that i have known him. (Ramakant ji retired as professor and head of  the Dept of Linguistics of Delhi University for those who do not know him)

Naseem bhai has already suggested a name for the CD cover and everyone has approved of it. Tony is yet again try to work on a portrait of Faiz- so it is Faiz ruling the home in so many ways. One of my most favourite poets anyways. Love him with deepest respect for his creative expressions, which then become my own