Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bol....the final version finally reached me today

I am almost relieved to hear the sound of the final version of the Faiz nazm - Bol, which has reached me just now as an mp3 after being mixed for the first time. I now look back at how tired I was when I sang this and I was made to sing this twice, just to have a different treatment of the song. So if someone has two speakers, they will two different voices of mine, with minor variations, which may not even be discernible.

On the whole, since the music is the same as it was earlier, only very minor variations are audible. But what is audible to me personally is that my singing is sounding a little more relaxed, softer and more firm. And thank god the throat was fine, though not cough-free, so that the lower registers of my voice are very clear.

The people are who hearing the mixing are very appreciative of the voice and the music- and if this is the opinion of those who hear music day in and day out, i could think that this is finally that CD whose waiting time of ten years has been worth the wait, worth my efforts and worth all that has gone into making my voice what it is today.

I am hearing it many times over just to get the previous sounds out of my ears and get used to be full-bodied sound of my own voice! what a joke really. How I hear myself on the electronic speakers is so different from how I hear myself inside me. So different, yet each version having its own uniqueness and reasons for happiness.

By the current estimates we will be ready by mid- Aug with the CDs multiplied as per best standards. 

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