Sunday, March 11, 2012

The first ghazal concert also reviewed:)

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KATHMANDU: “Ghazal is like kajal of the eyes of poetry,” said Indian artiste Naahid Prateekshya Sharma, sharing that the statement was told to her by someone, at an event Soz-e-Ghazal, a musical evening with her. Sharma performed soulful ghazals of Indian and Pakistani poets at the musical soiree organised by the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) on March 2 at Durbar Hall, Balmandir, Naxal.

Like she had hoped — that the evening would turn out to be beautiful, that is what happened through her heart touching ghazals. The sound of tabala by Tansen Sriwastva and harmonium by Indu Prakash added to the melody. Together they performed ghazals like Duniya Ko Tune Ishq Ke Quabil Banaa Diya, Raaz Ko Raaz Hi Rakha Hota and Khwab Mein Koi Khabar Rakh Dena to name a few.

Sharma has been trained for over two decades in classical music and is a bhakti singer which was crystal clear through her performance. She had a powerful voice and sang her heart out.

To Binod Rai from Dallu, who has just started to learn music, Sharma’s voice was the best part of the evening. “Her voice is clear and good,” he expressed. “I really don’t have much knowledge about music but the raagas she sang was great!”

Music enthusiasts like Rai were enjoying the feel of the ghazals. They were taking in every rise and fall of notes as well as the meaning of the ghazals by Kabir and Meera Bai, which were about suffering, secrets and hope.

After listening to Sharma’s ghazals, Rai shared that he experienced peace and satisfaction. “The way I feel relaxed after listening to Jagjit Singh, I felt the same after her performance,” he stated.

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Many thanks to Santhosh Kumar Kana for sending this across.

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