Friday, March 8, 2013

The Unfolding Faiz Album

We started this recording as part of the Public Art Production. But then several of us felt that the various strands of the recordings were not fitting into one another. So after recording the first eight songs, we decided to go all out and do a full Faiz album.

Faiz is among those poets who are dearest to me, and my personal repertoire of his poetry is quite big. I of course have all the songs sung by others that I like as part of my own repertoire. And upon suggestions the stock keeps on increasing. Fortunately for me several ghazals that I composed long back were also done by musical giants like Begum Akhtar and Iqbal Bano too! But i had not heard their versions before I did mine, else maybe i would not have dared to even touch them. I heard their versions much later.

Long back, I had once recorded Sham-e-firaq and it had to become a part of my first ghazal CD- soz-e-ghazal. But Naseem bhai (the poet who inspired me to sing ghazal in the first place) pointed out a minor error in diction and I held back that ghazal from going into the CD then. That was nearly ten years back. Now at every stage, the diction and everything else is being closely watched, ratified and modified.

Here is a list of the songs that would be part of this first Faiz album of mine. I say first here because my original compositions continue to happen. Already I have about six-seven others that are not a part of this album and yet are equally nice, but recently done ones. In this blog only i had noted a few posts back about new compositions in Bhimpalasi, Shudh Sarang and other ragas.

My list follows. The first three are ghazals, the next two are nazms and the last two are taranas

  1. Sham-e-firaq ab na poochh
  2. Tere gham ko jaan ki talash thi
  3. Tum aaye ho na shab-e-intezaar guzri hai
  4. Bol ke lubb azad hain tere
  5. Hum parvarish-e-lauho-qalam karte raheinge
  6. Darbar-e-watan 
  7. Hum Dekheinge (in the original tune of Iqbal Bano)
As I note this today- three of these are in the final stage- they are already being mixed by the expert. The other four have been recorded just yesterday and the nazm noted as number 6 here is among the latest of my compositions. Just did it last fortnight and completed it last week! A bit close to the recording but that's what life is all about, differently paced at different junctures.

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