Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tum aaye ho, na shab-e-intezar guzri hai, with translation in English

Tum aaye  ho, na shab-e-intezar guzri hai           
Talash mein hai sahar, baar, baar guzri hai
                                                                                                  hear the musical composition here 
Junoon mein jitni bhi guzri ba’kar guzri hai
Agarche’h dil pe kharabi hazaar guzri hai

Voh baat sare fasane mein jiska zikr na tha
Voh baat un ko bahot nagavar guzri hai

Na gul khile hain, na un se milae hain, na mai pi hai
Ajeeb rang mein ab ke bahar, guzri hai
Chaman pe gharat-e- gulchin se ja’ne kya guzri
Qafas se aaj saba be-qarar guzri hai

Neither have you come, nor has ended this long  night of wait
Even the breeze has whisked about, time and again, seeking you.

Whatever time’s spent in frenzy is well spent,
Even if the heart has taken a thousand mishaps.

What was not intended in the tale
Is primarily that which has piqued him/her most.

No flowers blooming, no rendezvous, no wine-
How strangely has spring passed away this time.

Nobody knows what befell the garden, in the wake
Of the flower-gatherer’s pillage-

So restlessly has the breeze flit past the nest today.