Monday, February 11, 2013

More Faiz

As I pen these words, the first cut, the rough cut of the new album is already playing on my computer. The song i have got struck to for now is darbar-e-watan. The music done by the arranger captures the spirit of my composition very well and it sounds quite powerful.

I am visualizing how this would look on a video. It could become a powerful performance. So those who have to work on that side of it are already in the know, just have to hear it now.

Meanwhile my heart it so torn due to Afzal's unjust hanging that i am back with my composing assistant- the harmonium. In the last few days, i began with Bulle shah first. Then it became Allama Iqbal and now once again Faiz- the one who is so deeply admired and loved.

The recent compositions are...this completely immersed itself in the notes of Shudh Sarang. Strange raag that keeps popping up in my mind and i think this is the second or third composition of mine in this raga.

नहीं निगाह में मंजिल, तो जुस्तजू ही सही 
नहीं विसाल मयस्सर तो आरजू ही सही 

Then the next one i worked on suddenly (coz i had not planned to even look at this poem) turned out in Bhimpalasi

गो सबको बहम सागरो-बादा तो नहीं था 
ये शहर उदास इतना जियादा तो नहीं था 

Ofcourse for some reason Sufi poetry wafts through my soul...and yet such injustice cannot make me but stand up and lend my voice. I have been reeling in my own suffering for so long that i had no ears left to hear the pain of the world i live in. NO MORE OF THAT. No more of me either.

ये उनके मंदिर ये उनकी मस्जिद
 ये ज़र्- परस्तों की सज्दागाहें 
अगर यह इनके ख़ुदा के घर हैं 
तो इन् में मेरा ख़ुदा नहीं है 
Shukriya Allama Iqbal- for leaving these lines for me to sing

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Lyrics of the Faiz tarana

दरबार ऐ वतन में जब एक दिन, सब जाने वाले जायेगें
कुछ अपनी सज़ा को पहुंचेंगे, कुछ अपनी जजा ले जायेंगें

ऐ खाकनाशीनों उठ बैठो, वो वक़्त करीब आ पहुंचा है
जब तख़्त गिराए जायेंगे, जब ताज उछाले जायेंगे

अब टूट गिरेंगी जंजीरें, अब ज़िन्दानों की खैर नहीं
 जो दरिया झूम के उठे हैं, तिनकों से ना ताले जायेंगे

कटते भी चलो बढ़ते भी चलो, बाजू भी बहोत हैं सर भी बहोत
चलते भी चलो के अब डेरे मंजिल पे ही डाले जायेंगे

ऐ ज़ुल्म के मारो लब खोलो, चुप रहने वालों चुप कब तक
कुछ हश्र उनसे उठेगा, कुछ दूर तो नाले जायेंगे

I composed this tarana in the summer of 2012 sometime. Will look up the date for that later. recording in Feb 2013, as part of the Public Art Production project.