Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ahmad Faraz

I have always believed that to sing a poet by understanding their philosophy over a period of time, slowly interacting with the person and then trying to even understand what was the historical context of their poetry.

Sometimes, of course, one is enriched upon interacting with individuals who know so much on the issue. Meeting poets themselves is the best that can happen.

How I have ran into individual poets is a different path for each one, but just recently I accidentally picked up a collected of Janab Ahmad Faraz. In that I found one of the most beautiful ghazals i could have imagined by anyone-

اے خدا آج اسے سبکا مکقدّر کر دے 
وہ موحبّت کے جو انسان کو پیامبر کر دے 
This is among the most amazing ideas i could have ever encountered. WOW

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