Saturday, March 10, 2012

My first ghazal concert finally happens...not in my own town:)

Just a few months back me and Tony decided that it was too early to sing ghazal yet- a lot more riyaaz was needed and a lot lot more of polishing the notes, making them blend into the music, the essence of the poetry and the nuances of ghazal. So with that in mind we decided I should be working on it for the next six months at least and after that we would be ready to showcase our effort.

But then this is not just the effort of Tony with me, but also Naseem bhai, Mishraji and scores of others...needless to say papa. So when out of the blue when Geeti-ji called to say she was inviting me for two concerts, I hoped it was not ghazal yet. In any case, throat was out-of-order, as usual in the winter time in faridabad. Even in the other two concerts that I had in January and Feb, this was the state of affairs. But no...ghazal was very much a part of her agenda.

So I brought out all the ghazals I could have sung- they turned out to be quite a few actually. But realizing that Nepal may not be the Lucknow sort of Urdu listeners, I left several things out- including the difficult poetry ones. I did on my part choose the simpler poetry. And then there was the additional problem of my tanpura- I cannot yet sing without it, though I have tried. Either I am deaf or something is the matter with me- so Tony insisted that ghazal is all about communicating with the audiences and I cannot be having the tanpura stand there like a wall!!

So this is the final outcome- in the first ghazal concert I sang about nine ghazals; all new ones, most of them papa's compositions (a bit unusual for me) and I was well received. In fact I do remember how warmly I have been heard in smaller mehfils earlier...oh how I wish there had been a sarangi and a compere here. Maybe soon someday there would be, in other concerts.

That reminds me that I have to look for another sarangi person as the one recommended by Tansen never came over for riyaaz. And yes, I have to call up Naseem bhai too and share the outcome with him.
My only sense of loss was the wooden faces of listeners...ghazal is so much about communication, and if you see in front of you people who are sitting as though brooding over their life's sorrow, it just takes away from the spirit. And the other problem I encountered was the dimmed light around the hall- was I expected to communicate with dark silhouettes?! Organizers can be so ignorant...or maybe I take everything in my stride, more than I would at an older age, when I am more at home in my music and surer of my accompanying artists.

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